We take personal care of our clients. We apply the principle of dual control on serious questions and pleadings. Our activities are of the utmost transparency: We inform all of our clients at regular intervals with well-arranged summaries of the current state of a case.

Intellectual Property Rights
We give advice in all areas of IP Law, for example, on the choice of apropriate IP rights or the licensing of IP rights, and we take the appropriate actions against infringers.
Combat Counterfeiting and Product Piracy
We combat counterfeiters with all legal means provided by civil and criminal law. Our services include: provision of information and evidence for legal procedures, immediate measures against IP infringements, initiation and accompaniment of criminal prosecution, cease-and-desist-letters, customs actions against IP-infringing imports/exports, injunctions against infringers, and enforcement of claims for damages.
Advertising and Unfair Competition Law
We advice our clients in conflicts dealing with unfair competition and advertising measures. In order to prevent legal conflicts, we provide legal examinations of advertising campaigns before they are launched. Our expertise extends to special regulations such as drug advertising law, food law, pharmaceutical law etc.
Information Technologie Law / Online and E-Commerce Law
Our services cover: legal certainty for your website, suitable terms and conditions for your e-commerce, online advertising, legal support of your online business, rights to domain names, privacy law, data protection law, and cybercrime law.
Corporate Crime Law - injured parties rights
Our services are focused on financial aspects in regard to compensation claims, particularly asset tracing and securing assets of infringers in favor of injured companies. Our services cover: ascertaining the facts, provision of court proof evidence, initiation of criminal proceedings, co-operation and communication with prosecution authorities, representation of the interest of injured companies in criminal proceedings, securing assets of infringers for compensation claims, and the enforcement of claims for damages.
Rental Law; Real Estate Law
We offer: drawing up and verifying of rent contracts; actions for eviction against tenants; collecting rental fees; advisory services concerning the purchase and sale of real estates